SMS Marketing Service

SMS is taking an important role for purposes of marketing multiple products and services, as more and more companies make use of this service to reach out to individuals in their target group.

So has experience in this field of marketing as well if you are interested in promoting your business through SMS to the target group of your choosing.

Be advised that stands ready to serve you in this field as well if you are interested in opting for this marketing option.

Here are some of the benefits of SMS marketing that you will get, especially through

SMS Marketing

• Be sure to get the message across

If you use SMS marketing service, you can be sure that you will get the receiver to read your marketing message.

This is because people may not be inclined to read marketing brochures or leaflets or the like but there is a huge tele density in Pakistan. This means that a large chunk of the population uses mobile phones and hence they are very probably to receive and read your telemarketing message and know about the product or service you are offering them.

So SMS marketing is very effective in that sense as it offers a greater chance of the message ACTUALLY going across and the receiver reading the message from the marketers because of frequent use of mobile phones.

So In addition, the team will draft an attention capturing message for you so that people simply do not discard it when they receive it in their inbox but that they take the trouble to read it to the very end because of the interesting language used in it.

• Cheap Rates

There are many different packages that are offered by the team to different clients and they may choose one as per their requirements for the task.

The packages are cheap and easily affordable so clients will not have the burden of paying dearly to get their product or service promoted through SMS marketing via team

• Huge Directory

The team has a HUGE directory of numbers which are new which it sends SMS to for purposes of marketing.

Clients can rest assured that the team has a very big database that it utilizes for the task and hence their marketing SMS messages would be sent to a high number of people who are then anticipated to ask for info regarding the target product and ultimately buy it!

Target by location

Another feature that the team offers you in case of audiences is the choice of target audiences by location.

Let us say that you are opening up a coffee shop in Islamabad and wish to promote it to people living in Islamabad alone, then that would easily be possible with the services you hire from

This is because, practically speaking, it would be pointless to market a coffee shop to an individual who does not live in Islamabad as he would not be able to benefit from it and so he is not on the list of target audiences.

SMS Marketing Packages For Pakistan

Select best package for your business. Contact us for custom orders.

10,000 SMS
/ 3 Months

  • Warid : 0.70 Paisa / sms
  • Ufone : 0.70 Paisa / sms
  • Telenor : 0.70 Paisa / sms
  • Zong : 0.70 Paisa / sms
  • Mobolink : 0.70 Paisa / sms
  • Fast Message Delivery
  • Quick Response
  • Delivery Report Included
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25,000 SMS
/ 3 Months

  • Warid : 0.65 Paisa / sms
  • Ufone : 0.65 Paisa / sms
  • Telenor : 0.65 Paisa / sms
  • Zong : 0.65 Paisa / sms
  • Mobolink : 0.65 Paisa / sms
  • Fast Message Delivery
  • Quick Response
  • Delivery Report Included
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50,000 SMS
/ 3 Months

  • Warid : 0.60 Paisa / sms
  • Ufone : 0.60 Paisa / sms
  • Telenor : 0.60 Paisa / sms
  • Zong : 0.60 Paisa / sms
  • Mobolink : 0.60 Paisa / sms
  • Fast Message Delivery
  • Quick Response
  • Delivery Report Included
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100,000 SMS
/ 3 Months

  • Warid : 0.50 Paisa / sms
  • Ufone : 0.50 Paisa / sms
  • Telenor : 0.50 Paisa / sms
  • Zong : 0.50 Paisa / sms
  • Mobolink : 0.50 Paisa / sms
  • Fast Message Delivery
  • Quick Response
  • Delivery Report Included
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