Returns Policy

Returns Policy

The team has a very good Returns Policy in that it does not claim any sum of money from an unsatisfied client. This means that it would refund to any disgruntled customers a part of the full amount of money he has paid to in lieu of services rendered.

• Professionalism of the team

The team is very professional routine in its work and therefore it is very rare that customers should have problems with the quality of work of the team to an extent that they demand a refund!

It is only natural for customers to have questions regarding their project if they do not understand anything and for that, the customer support department at the team takes very good care of them and tries to ensure that all of their queries are answered completely.

• Correction Possible

However if such a case does arise then the first thing which the team would like to see is where and why a problem has arisen with a customer because every customer is an important customer when it comes to

This is why the team would like to trace the roots of the problem which has been complained of by the customer so that the person responsible can be asked to allay and solve the concerns of the customer to the fullest of his expectations.

So the first attempt by the team would be to rectify the problem so that the effort of the team and the valuable time of the customer both can be saved from being wasted.

• Work from scratch

If a customer is not happy with the correction that is intended to be made, then the team will offer him that work would be commenced on his project right from the very beginning and then submitted to the customer for evaluation.

This is so that the customer can be satisfied and his concern of the work not being fixed without abandoning what has already been done and starting anew can be met.

• Refund

If all else fails, then the last act of the team would surely be to give out a 50% refund of the amount of money deposited by the client for purposes of his project.

IThis is because the team would not like to have the case of an unsatisfied customer when it tries very hard to make every customer a happy customer.

Therefore, the team would refund the 50% amount to the customer so that he does not feel in any way that the team has usurped his money.

The money would be returned as is to the customer if he is not happy with the level of service which the team has to offer him for his project and he is most welcome to find a better company to serve his interest well, as per his demands!

Rest assured however that the team will give in a one hundred percent in to your project and you will be satisfied with the quality of service instead of the other way round, because a scenario of a 50% refund is an extreme situation which will most probably never arise!

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