Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

When it comes to contracting work out to the team, there are certain term and conditions which you have to agree to which will govern the relationship between you and the team.

These terms and conditions cover as much as possible the time period at the time the contract is signed, the time period during the work period and the time period after the work is delivered to you as the valued client of

• Disclaimer

The team does not offer any kind of guarantee for its service and therefore there are no claims that would be entertained against the work done by for its clients.

• User Consent

When clients enter into a contract with the team and authorize it to do SEO work on their blog, they give their official consent to the terms of reference of the privacy policy of the team and agree to abide by it.

• Information collected

The team collects only relevant information from its clients and promises them that that information will never be released to third parties for any gain that may be possible against the exchange of such information.

At its own end, the team will use the information collected either to make your experience with the team even more useful or for purposes of improvising on its customer support activities for the sake of greater customer satisfaction..

In addition to this, there may be very sensitive data relating to a blog that is shared by customers with the team for purposes of the SEO campaign which is initiated and run by the team. All of the customers of the team can rest assured that their data is safe with the team and under no circumstances will it be shared with any other party for any other purpose.

This is because if the team were to share this important data with other individuals or parties, it would lose its credibility in the market almost instantly. The clients would refuse to trust it with their data and hence opt out of asking the team to do their SEO related work. This would therefore result in a lot of business loss for the team. So this option is out of the equation when it comes to data handling on the part of the team.

• Change in privacy Policy

It is indeed possible that the team makes minor or major changes to its privacy policy and updates it so that the new terms and conditions charted by the policymakers then govern the client relationship with the team.

In the event of the privacy policy being changed in any way, the clients would be made aware of it and an online copy of the new privacy policy would be sent to them.

• Contacting Us

If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy of the team, you are more than welcome to contact the team through its contact us page form or via the email address that is made available over the website.

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