Data Entry Service

The team also offers data entry service to its valued clients who are also in need of this service. So they would be able to get this service under the same roof as well, and not have to wander around looking for a team that offers them data entry service alongside other services they are in need of. They can be sure of getting the same level of service for data entry as they would have had experienced for other services they have been served with by the team.

Data Entry Service

• Low cost of labor

The fact is that people who are looking for data entry services being offered by companies have a focus on low cost. With team, you can be assured that you will be quoted competitive rates for your data entry related work.

The company is aware of the benefits of outsourcing and its reasons and hence it will quote affordable and acceptable rates to you so that you can easily manage a large number of data entry assignments in the budget you have allocated for them.

• Categories

There are a large number of categories in which the team offers data entry services. Some of the categories that are included are listed as follows:

  • o Data entry for eBooks
  • o Data Entry for product catalogs
  • o Data entry for images
  • o Data Entry for online forms
  • o Data Entry (transcriptions)
  • o Data Entry for legal documents
  • o Data Entry for credit cards
  • o Data Entry for handwritten documents
  • o Data Entry for coupon redemptions
  • o Data Entry in languages other than English
  • o Data entry for receipts and bills

So these are some of the data entry services which are offered by and there are many others which are offered alongside so as to suit the differing requirements of customers worldwide.

• Customer Support for data entry

Anytime you have data entry work to assign, you can contact the team and they would be happy to assist you in your tasks.

In addition to that, whenever you feel that you have a problem that you need to discuss with the team vis-à-vis the data entry work, you can be sure to receive immediate response to all of your queries.

This is because customer satisfaction is unquestionably the top priority of the team and so the team will try to give you a prompt response to your questions and also resolve them in the minimum possible time.

There is a live chat feature that you can put to good use and communicate everything that you have to say to the relevant team lead so your concern can be communicated properly. This accurate and complete narration of the problem at hand will only help in sorting out matters at the team's end and will therefore ensure that you get the data entry results that you look forward to.

The team understands that the customer is always the king and therefore his concerns are a top priority which must be addressed right-away!

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