Analytics have a central role to play when it comes to monitoring the stats of your website. It is very important to know the number of people your site is receiving according to day, week or month. As an admin of your blog, it is your duty to be aware of the statistics pertaining to your blog and the team will keep you updated regarding them.

The fact is that the no website can grow if its stats are not taken care of and improved consistently. So, the team will keep you regularly informed of the statistics of your blog as well as improve them to the benefit of your blog.


• SEO Tools

The team uses a number of tools such as ravrn and seomoz to track the progress of the SEO efforts which are made on your blog.

These tools help in the analysis of the various aspects of SEO especially the stats of the main competitors that your site has.

The tools are very effective in communicating a lot of useful information about blogs which is then used to help improvise on the SEO strategy that is being used to increase the blog's ranking on search engines as well as its inbound traffic.

• Stat counter

This is another tool which is used excessively by the team to take care of websites which it has been assigned.

This tool gives many figures relating to the SEO dimension that are important and that have to be observed on a daily basis so as to be able to study the direction in which a website is moving into.

This tool helps SEO experts immensely and that is why it is part of their daily routine as it is used so frequently as part of the SEO campaign on any blog.

• Other tools and Google Analytics

There are also other tools used by the team for purposes of keeping tabs on the SEO progress of a blog and these tools give results which are similar to the results given by Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a program created by Google for monitoring website stats and progress and many times the team makes good use of this program to help it study the SEO aspect of blogs as well.

• Special tools

Then there are special tools which are quite expensive and which are purchased by the team for use on projects as they give out special results to the SEO experts which other tools, especially those which come for free, do not.

These tools are also employed for purposes of the SEO working on blogs and therefore have their own unique importance in terms of the benefits they accrue to the users.

So to sum it up, there are lots of tools that are used for a SEO campaign by the team as different projects have varying demands which have to be met.

So, the team uses the most relevant and useful tools to be able to walk its way through any problems it may face during the SEO campign.

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